There are certain qualities and traits that run as a common thread across many admired global investment firms, and this DNA not only defines who they are, but also gives them their unique edge over their competition.

At TrustLine, we strongly believe in these qualities and have consciously woven them into our core values and business practices to form a strong foundation. Today, our entire business stands on this foundation.

Investment Approach

At the core of our investment philosophy lies this strong belief that Investing in publicly–traded-equities is no different from buying or acquiring private businesses. When we invest in a stock, it is viewed as buying a piece of business, not a piece of paper. We view ourselves as Business Analysts than as Market or Investment Analysts. As a result, our focus is on the economics of business, not on the price–action or market-action.

Our key objective is, first to protect the principal and then to grow it at an above-average Long-term rate of return. We strive to meet this objective thro’ our stead-fast commitment to the concept of “Margin – of – Safety“ (MOS) in all our investment opportunities.

Fundamentally, our approach to stock selection is bottom-up, stock –specific from under-researched / under-discovered universe with huge emphasis on Intrinsic Value ( Free- Cash flow ), Return on Equity(ROE) and Margin of Safety.

In summary, our broad strategy is to look for profitable businesses that have superior long-term economic characteristics ( durable competitive advantage) and are run by able and honest managements and available at attractive valuations with reasonable Margin of Safety.


The most critical component of the investment process is our Research. This is for two reasons.

  • First, our focus is on the under-researched and under-discovered space. This is primarily a contrarian’s approach. Hence lack of robust research process can lead to under-performance.

  • Second, we commit funds for long-term. As a result, research process needs to accurately capture the long-term story and hence needs to be exhaustive.

Our research process is a three-stage process

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
At Stage - 1, the focus is primarily on Data Mining i.e. Collection and tracking of data-flow on individual companies and building a funnel that qualifies for further research based on further development in those companies.

At Stage - 2, the stronger prospects in the funnel is run thro’ the research template. This template is a very comprehensive research tool that has evolved over-a- period of long investment experience of our management. This tool has over 400+ check points, data points, data –filters, trigger-flags and Analytics.

Finally at Stage - 3, field work and market survey is carried out (scuttle-butt approach) to ratify the observations captured in the template.
Final investment call is taken collectively with informal network of fund-managers and research analysts based on the outcome of this research process

Research Expertise

The tools that we use in our research process are:

  • Corporate Research Database Software
  • Research due diligence template
  • Portfolio Allocation Model
  • Stock Matrix Model
  • Proprietary Tool for Arbitrate Opportunities
  • Discounted Cash flow Model
  • Field Survey Template

In addition, we’ve set up the following facilities to support research process.

  • Annual Reports Library
  • Subscription to Analyst Meet Forums
  • Fund Managers Network
  • Senior Management Network
  • Team of experienced professionals

Track Record

In Portfolio Management, TrustLine has built a very strong clientele of senior professionals from leading organizations.

Asset under Management has grown at a healthy clip over the last 16+ years and the portfolio returns have consistently out-performed the benchmark indices by a wide margin (6.79% annualized out-performance over BSE smallcap Index). Such a strong out-performance is a direct outcome of our robust research process and unique stock-picking skills.


Trustline has a solid team of Specialists with expertise in Finance and Technology with multiple industry backgrounds. The team is ably guided by Mr. ArunaGiri, a seasoned professional and is well-supported by an advisory board consisting of experts from various fields.

How is TrustLine different?

  • Specialist in Alternate Asset Management Services
  • Long term Investment Approach
  • Solid Temperamental Skills
  • Robust Research Infrastructure
  • Technology driven back-end
  • Highly satisfied clientele (95%+ client
    retention rate)
  • Proven track record
  • SEBI Registered




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Trust & Lineage. The two pillars on which was founded a company that dreamt to perform, and dared to outperform the competition.

We are TrustLine - a leading Chennai-based Equity Research and Asset Management firm. With financial research as a core competence, we track and study over 800+ companies as part of our investment research.

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