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The Economic Times | 2nd, March 2024
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The Economic Times | 13th, August 2023
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The Economic Times | 2nd, April 2023
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The Economic Times | 4th, February 2023
ET Markets - Podcast
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The Economic Times | 30th, January 2022
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The Economic Times | 1st, September 2021
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The Economic Times | 2nd, August 2021
My Best Pick 2021
Outlook Business | 06th July 2021
Print media stocks: Deep value or value traps?
Economic Times | 31st, March 2021
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Businessworld | 18th, March 2021
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Economic Times | 12th, February 2021
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Economic Times | 21st, January 2021
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Businessworld | 01st, December 2020
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Businessworld | 01st, December 2020
My Best Pick 2020...
Outlook Business | 10th, April 2020
TrustLine announces successful closing of Intrinsic...
Business Standarad | 23rd, January 2020
A 'moderate' outlook for the capex cycle
BusinessLine | 07th, January 2020
My Best Pick
Outlook Business | 12th, April 2019
Here's why foreign investors are pumping money...
Financial Express | 13th, April 2019
Dollar: Ready For Reversal?
Businessworld | 23rd, February 2019
Road Ahead: Not So Bumpy For Growth!
Businessworld | 13th, January 2019
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Financial Express | 11th, October 2018
Rising crude and falling rupee is acting...
moneycontrol | 13th, September 2018
A Tale of Two Tatas!
Businessworld | 04th, August 2018
Gold mine or landmine? Do smallcaps present…
moneycontrol | 04th, July 2018
2013 vs 2018: Many small & midcaps have fallen...
moneycontrol | 17th, June 2018
Crude Reality?
Businessworld | 09th, June 2018
Turning the corner
BusinessLine | 03rd, May 2018
It Is Time To Invest, Not To Time the Bottom
Businessworld | 03rd, April 2018
Tips on Value Investing
Economic Times | 10th, March 2018
Markets out of sync with macro reality
The Hindu Business Line | 19th, January 2018
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Outlook Business | 08th, December 2017
Don't blame GST and DeMo
Business Line | 11th, October 2017
The Snowball Effect
Business Today | 19th, June 2017
Asset Management Is A High Return Business!!!
Businessworld | 15th, March 2017
ESOP Holders Go for Equities
Economic Times | 02nd, March 2017
Tax Reforms in Taxing Times
Business Today | 23rd, January 2017
Indian Markets: With waning momentum
Business Today | 06th, January 2017
For big investors, there's no equity in real estate
Hindustan Times | 19th, July 2016
We have an undiluted focus on value
Business Line | 09, May 2016
It's advantage Suprajit, feel investors
Business Line | 03, May 2016
Spread out your ESOP pool to abate risks
The Times of India | Mar 2016
How to unlock value
Business Line | 22, Jun 2015
Separate wheat from chaff
Business Line | 09, Mar 2015
Is the worst over for investors?
Business Line | 17, Mar 2013
Investing in businesses with deep moats
Business Line | 9, Dec 2012
Watch out, fence sitters
Business Line | 29, July 2012
Low risk does not always mean low returns
Business Line | 13, May 2012


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