At TrustLine, we think long-term with our main goal being wealth-creation for our trusted clients. Our “Intrinsic Series" is a long term wealth
generation PMS, which typically work as compounding machine with focus on Capital Preservation and provide Market-beating returns, typically
in a span of over 3+ years in the Indian equity markets.

Our “Intrinsic Series” is designed to do all the hard work for you, year in and year out; as we help you invest long term in companies that have
sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to generate wealth.

Investing based on

Intrinsic Value

Investing based on Intrinsic value is all about rejecting "flavour-of-the-season" companies that are trending hot, and consciously choosing
opportunities or companies that have superior economics of business and are available at attractive Margin of Safety.

Our Intrinsic Series is all about identifying such hidden gems from under-researched and under-discovered space!

Value of INR 100 invested with us

Our Intrinsic Series is unique and is superior to other products in the market because:

  • It is based on Deep Value Investment Model
  • It focuses on Capital Preservation with Market-beating Returns
  • It is a focussed portfolio with bottom-up approach
  • It invests in businesses with strong & rising cash flows
  • It has successful record of achieving Compounded Annualized Returns of 18.35% over the period of last 16+ years (as on 30th June 2024)
  • It has obtained 16X+ returns over the same period of time.
  • It has relative outperformance of
  • 6.79% over BSE smallcap Index over the same period

  • It is SEBI registered (Regn. No. INP000002254)

We have products that provide risk adjusted returns depending
on your needs and risk appetite!



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Trust & Lineage. The two pillars on which was founded a company that dreamt to perform, and dared to outperform the competition.

We are TrustLine - a leading Chennai-based Equity Research and Asset Management firm. With financial research as a core competence, we track and study over 800+ companies as part of our investment research.

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SEBI Registration No
PMS : INP000002254
AIF : IN/AIF3/18-19/0580
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